Help! Which Toy Should I Choose?

Many people get cats because they’re looking for a low-maintenance pet that’s fun to play with...but then they forget to play with the cat! 

grey cat playing with the RompiCatz Catiped toy

While cats spend a large part of their lives grooming and sleeping their days away, it’s actually really important that you keep them entertained, too. Otherwise, they’ll get bored. And a bored cat is a cat that gets himself into all kinds of trouble to stay entertained — like, by knocking glasses off the kitchen counters or destroying your prized family heirloom Oriental rug!

There are endless choices when it comes to picking out toys for your furriest friend, so how do you choose the one that will get your cat excited? You just have to pay close attention to your cat’s unique style of play.

For example, if your cat likes to stalk his prey before he attacks, he’d enjoy pouncing on one of our ground prey critters (Coming September 2020!), like the Wily Mouse, the Cattipeed, or the Catapider

If your cat likes to take his toys down with brute force, he’d go for the Brawny Mouse, that looks and feels like a real mouse that he can attack and rabbit kick til his heart’s content.

Does your kitty prefer to wait patiently and then swipe at the perfect moment? Then our Rustlin Mylar teasers are right up her alley! Cats just can’t resist their rustling sounds and fluttering wing movements. 

Sphynx cat playing with the RompiCatz Cagonfly cat toy

If she goes bonkers for all things that fly, you can’t go wrong with the Bugzbird, or our other flying insect critters, Cattikets, Cagonfly, and Cattimoth.

 You may be thinking…”my cat doesn’t really fit into any of these categories.” If your cat isn’t a mighty hunter, that’s okay! For less active kitties, choose a toy that gives them the opportunity to hide and observe their world from a safe place, like our Play N’ Snuz Foldable Pet House.

So, which toy will you choose for your little hunter?

Article by Brooke A.

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