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  • The Benefits of Playing Tug With Your Dog

    Tug is a fun way to strengthen your bond with your dog. As inherently social creatures, dogs most often prefer interactive play with their people making the game an excellent way to improve the dog-human relationship.
  • Help! Which Toy Should I Choose?

    Many people get cats because they’re looking for a low-maintenance pet that’s fun to play with...but then they forget to play with the cat! While cats spend a large part of their lives grooming and sleeping their days away, it’s actually really important that you keep them entertained, too. 

  • Fun with Fido: The Importance of Play for Dogs

    For dogs, playing isn’t just about entertainment. In fact, there are many amazing mental and physical benefits to regular recreation. Like humans, dogs need to engage in fun activities to help keep them both mentally and physically fit.
  • Welcome to the RompiPets Blog!

    Welcome to the RompiPets Blog. We are excited to be able to share fantastic content about furkids with you.