Adjustable String Wand Toys Facts and Tips

Toy Facts:

  • The toys were designed to stimulate cats/kittens natural hunting instincts by having toys that resemble real life bug and critter that cats would normally chase in the wild. Thus they never get tired of playing with them.

  • A crinkle ball dilemma how not to lose them, Pet Ki has the solution…crinkle ball on a string!
  • Adjustable String Wands promote fun interactive bonding experiences between owners/pets, this is important component for the mental health of cats
  • These toys get cats motivated to all out running, and jumping exercise, which is an important factor for all indoor cats.
  • The bug and mouse toys are hand crafted to Pet Ki’s highest quality standards in materials and production.
  • Each toy requires about 15 - 20” to make one toy!
  • Built in safety features were designed on the bug and mouse toys for your cat’s utmost safety during play. Such as the foam protector covering metal exposed piece at the backend of the toys. No metal or hard plastic clips at the toy/string attachment point…we sew the string end to the toy to eliminate cats being hurt when the toy is in motion.
  • As every cat is different, we offer a wide variety of attachments that appeal to all cat’s needs.
  • Cool looking bug, mousey mouse w leather tail. Crinkle balls on string, never again lose your crinkle ball under the sofa! Our crinkle ball version utilizes colours that cats can see.
  • Perfect toy for show judges at cat shows who need to get the attention of cats while judging them on the table.
  • Purrfect for breeders at the cat shows, with limited table space having a rod with a short string for playing or getting the cats attention.

Playing Tips:

  • Run your cat up the scratch pole or something w height to climb. Just shorten string to 1” and run rod up the pole.

  • Great to use as a teaching tool.
  • Closeup play while sitting on the couch
  • Tunnel play adjust the string to flick inside the tunnel or shorten the string and run the toy on the outside bottom edge of the tunnel
  • Medium length string when you don’t have a lot of room but want your cat to exercise.
  • To get big jumps with long string > move the toy along the floor towards your cat, then lift toy upwards as you come closer.
  • Play hide and seek with the toys if your cat is not as engaged. This can be done by flicking the toy into a bag or box and wiggling it to make noise, crinkle ball version toy is purrfect for this.
  • Putting the toy under a sheet or light blanket and slowly pulling it out.
  • If your cat is shy of people visiting, have them play with your cat’s favourite bug or crinkle for a few minutes each time they come over. Cats will associate them will something good/fun.
  • Stand on the landing of your stairs and run your cat up/down the stairs for cats that need more exercise.

Remember, to achieve healthy exercise levels, veterinarians recommend a gradual increase in activity. Don’t overplay your cat especially if they have been sedentary. Check with your veterinarian to ensure your cat or kitten is capable of safe, vigorous play.